It’s my birthday today, I turn 27 on April 27 and it feels significant. I spent the past couple of minutes in tears, not because of sadness or anxiety, but for relief. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder and I’m optimistic for the future, you may not understand it but that bears huge importance for me.

You see, it has been a while since I was looking forward. A few poor decisions, some disappointing mentors, and a global pandemic let cynicism into my life. I became someone else — unkind, overly critical of others while battling crippling…

2021 Reading List

Hey people,

I trust everyone is staying positive and testing negative.

I have been away for a while, a combination of things prevented me from sharing with you, but I'm back. I want to say a big thank you to everyone that reached out to make sure I was ok.

I also have good news, I have completed a permanent move from Lagos, Nigeria to Toronto, Canada.

I will be posting more frequently but for my first post of 2021 I am sharing 21 books I am definitely going to read in ‘21, I hope you will all join me.

I lost my job today, it is surprising but i do not feel anything. I had been working there for four years and it had been whelming, not over and under but just the right amount. i wont miss it, or maybe i will, either way the job is gone.

On my way home, i saw a couple of street kids and i let my impulse take charge. i parked my car, took my suit, tie and shoes off and joined in the fun, they looked surprised at first but they let me play with them. …

It was lunch time at work and Jane suggested Sushi, i don’t fancy it but she is really pretty so i’m going. Her face was round and her eyes seemed to be shaped perfectly, every time i looked at her lips i got excited. She is so beautiful but today there was something extra, might be her hair or maybe the dress is new, i cant really tell.

We have to walk a couple of blocks to get to the food kiosk, i walk by her side listening but not really hearing what shes saying. …

I like taking night walks, there is something about the moon that calms me, i like sitting by the river at night. The reflection of the moon shimmering in the dimly lit lake takes my breath away.

Every morning i get up at 2 in the morning , i put on my sweats and begin walking to the nearest body of water, the way my hair sways from side to side in the wind while the wind chills my neck is why i live. I don’t live in the safest of neighborhoods but i don’t care, i have been robbed…

He loves me so much. So darn much.
I could tell in that moment when I saw the concern in his eyes when he finally stopped hitting me and realized that he had made both of mine black.
Through the tears and pain, I managed to make out his emotions.
He even brought me an ice pack.
Two months ago, he nursed me back to health after he had broken my arm.
He was so caring and so kind. The absolute sweetest.
It was sad that shortly after my arm healed, he took out his belt and whipped me in front of the kids. That was…

Tobii Sanwo

Storyteller falling in love with self.

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